Beyond Hogwarts is a Role Playing Game that takes place in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe. Our wizarding England is grimmer than the one depicted in the early Harry Potter books, but it does not include continuous angst: the last two years have been difficult for the characters, but light has emerged victorious. The RPG distinguishes itself by being written by adults for adults to ensure a certain quality of roleplay (although we don't encourage smut), so we ask that all applicants be over 18.

At the moment, we are only accepting canon characters. The list of taken characters can be found at the livejournal user info page; the rest are open for application. Please read the rules before submitting an application.

The general concept and basic storyline of 'Beyond Hogwarts' was a collaborative effort between Aurora, Gwen, Kat, May, QueenC, and Sky. However, we're playing in J. K. Rowling's toybox, and everything you see rightfully belongs to her. We're making no money from any of this, so please don't sue.