Terry Maritus Boot is a half-blood: his father possesses no magical abilities, and his mother is a distinctive witch. Along with his brother, Patrick, two years younger, Terry lived with his parents in Leeds. Terry's father was in the Muggle British armed forces, and thus made sure that his offspring were instilled with a high priority for rules and obeying superiors. Terry was taught strategy, as well as the importance of stealth and strength. Mr. Boot pressured Terry into sports, and Terry found his place in tennis.

At the age of eleven, Terry received his acceptance letter into Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw. It was there he made a couple of close friends. He was not very social, but he was always willing to help others with schoolwork. Terry loves to read and absorb information.

During one of the many battles in the War, Terry encountered a Death Eater who attempted to curse him with Crucio. Terry raised his left hand in front of him to shield his face, but that proved to be disastrous: he never fully regained the use of his left hand. By the same Death Eater, Terry received some curses that left very bad scars upon his face and hands. He escaped with his life and plunged himself into studying everything he could about the Healing arts.

Despite his extensive knowledge, Terry remains scarred, both physically and emotionally. He learned to remain expressionless at all times. To show emotion was to lose respect, which he could not afford. After the war, he joined Dumbledore's army, where he has remained since. Terry has a very secret passion for feisty women, and enjoy situations where he can take charge. Despite his rough exterior, all Terry really needs is a hug. And some chocolate muffins. He adores those.