Severus Snape has always been an outsider. With a surly personality that borders on cruel and looks that are far from handsome, he has never really had any friends.

Nor has he ever wanted any.

Not many people know much about his youth. And Severus has no intention of telling the tales himself. In actuality, his past is something that he wishes to put behind him. However, the guilt of his actions as a Death Eater, as well as his treatment of Muggles and Muggleborns for the majority of his life, mean that he will never truly be able to forget.

Before the war, Severus was working toward redemption under the caring and careful eye of the only person he has ever truly respected, Albus Dumbledore. And, although he applied for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts several times, he wasn't nearly as disgruntled about his job as Potions Master as he pretended to be.

Upon Voldemort's return in Harry Potter's fifth year, he did as Dumbledore asked and attempted to get as close to the Dark Wizard as he had once been. Unfortunately, while Voldemort was many things, a fool was not one of them, and Severus found himself forced to endure a gauntlet of torture and tests of loyalty before being allowed to even attend the more important meetings. Still, he continued on, driven by his need to prove himself worthy of Dumbledore's trust, as well as a desire to see the Wizarding world free of the terror it had been under for so long.

The following few years are really nothing more than a blur in Severus' mind. He continued doing his part to assist the Light with as much information as he could gather at Death Eater meetings, and teaching Potions to the terror-stricken students of Hogwarts. He also did what little he could to attempt to sway the members of his House from following blindly in their parents' footsteps.

Following Dumbledore's death in the Battle of Gold, Severus redoubled his efforts to regain Voldemort's trust. Unfortunately, this meant that he had to cease trying to reach the students of Slytherin, lest he risk exposure. It is because of this that he continually blames himself for every student who pledged allegiance to the Dark Lord before his defeat at Hogwarts.

Now, with the war over and the majority of the Death Eaters rotting in Azkaban, Severus must decide what to do with his life.

Unable to stand the constant reminder of Dumbledore, Severus has resigned from Hogwarts. He plans on working at the Ministry, researching possible cures with potions of various illnesses and afflictions. The position was offered to him by the new Minister of Magic, Amelia Bones, and with it comes a promise of great leniency.

However, the change in jobs and move from Hogwarts to the Snape family estate has, so far, done nothing to ease the guilt and anger he feels. And, while most everyone else is revelling in the fact that Voldemort is gone, Severus lives with constant worry that something else is coming. Which is why he has decided to remain as close to the heart of the Wizarding world as possible.

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