Rasbastan is the younger brother of Rodolphus Lestrange, to whom he has always been in the shadow of. Born to a high standing pureblood family, Rabastan was born 4 years after Rodolphus. Rabastan idolized his brother, and Rodolphus always looked after his younger brother. When Rodulphis went off to Hogwarts, he was put in Slytherin, as his mother, father, and the entirety of the Lestrange clan had been since the sorting hat was pulled off from Godric Gryffindor's head. Rabastan was so proud of his brother, as he was made prefect and had the highest grade point average in Slytherin in his year. He longed for nothing more than to make his family, especially his brother, as proud of him as he was of Rodolphus.

Years passed and it was time his time to head off to Hogwarts. He was so desperately looking forward to being with his brother again, and could not wait to be accepted in his group of friends and allies. But when the sorting hat was placed upon Rabastan's head, it roared "Hufflepuff" instead of "Slytherin". Rabastan was shocked, Rodolphus was disgusted. Rabatstan spend the next year in complete misery, shunning and being shunned by his housemates and desperately seeking his brother's acceptance. Rabastan tried to show his loyalty to his family and to the Dark Lord, but the Slytherins could never look past his Hufflepuff placement.

Rabastan's first year pasted in a whirlwind of anger, sadness, and bitter resentment until another pureblood from good standing was placed in Hufflepuff. His name was Bartemius Crouch Jr. Though the Crouch's were never affiliated with the Dark Lord, Barty sought out Rabastan the second the sorting hat had left his head and befriended him. Barty confided in Rabstan in his desires to join the side of Voldemort and eventually the two of them were accepted into the group of students pledging allegiance to Voldemort. They were inseparable during their years at Hogwarts and steadily became more involved and accepted in the Dark Lord's eyes until the trial. They were all put in Azkaban and Rabastan never saw Barty again. Without Barty, Rabastan's standing in the Death Eaters grew more out of favor, and he desperately wanted to prove to his brother and to the rest of them that he could be as loyal a follower as Barty. After two breakouts from Azkaban, Rabastan was sent on a mission to the far reaches of the world, to locate and use whatever information there was on the Dementor's Kiss. Though said to be irreversible, secret lairs of scientists and Aurors told otherwise. Now Rabatstan is back from his trip, with parchment, potions and charms that could, in time, cure the Dementor's Kill and bring his friend back to him. Perhaps now he can finally make his brother proud of him.