Pansy Parkinson, daughter or noble, but quiet, deatheaters was brought up in a world of crushed velvet dresses and elaborate balls. Little did she know these were covers for a darker purpose. While she curtsied and smiled, her parents plotted. They plotted not only the end to all mudbloods, but Pansy's future within their elite society. But, she was never told the truth, she was simply a child of propriety.

Although bred in luxury and grace, her years at Hogwarts taught her new ideals. Not only did she see how disgusting a view the elitist deatheaters held, but she knew that the lot of Hogwarts 'deatheaters-in-training" could never succeed in so great a conquest, save but one. Draco Malfoy. Still, she held no loyalties to them, only to her dearest friend and when he turned she did not follow him to the other side, but she watched to protect him.

After the fall of Voldemort she saw how her parents and those like them hid, abandoned, betrayed their leader and she learned that loyalty was not included within the subjection of a deatheater. Now, a distrustful adult, she seeks to live on her own. It has only been her paranoid parents that kept her locked away in their mansion and stuffed into the same type of crushed velvet dress that she wore when she was six. Her latest endevor and most bold attempt to rid herself of that life has taken her back to Diagon Alley and an old friend.