Davis Lovegood and Sylvia Greengrass became acquainted in their sixth year at Hogwarts when upon realizing he had only received a single OWL in astronomy, Davis desperately needed tutoring to in order to raise his marks to not be the laughing stock of Ravenclaw. He turned to Sylvia, a Slytherin and the most promising astronomy student in his year for help. Feeling an unlikely surge of sympathy for the Ravenclaw, Sylvia agreed to tutor him. After many nights in the astronomy tower, love blossomed between the unlikely pair. Because she was from a high standing pureblood family and he from Muggle parentage, they kept their relationship a secret for over two years until they were married a few months after their Hogwarts graduation. When it became too much to hide, Sylvia and Davis ran away to escape the fury of her family by marrying a muggle-born and denying the betrothed marriage that had been arranged for her from birth. They moved to a remote Muggle town in Wales to hide from her parents and live in peace. Two years after their marriage they had their first and only child. They named her Luna, after the Moon, which had brought them together so many years before. The first 9 years of Luna's life were happy ones. She could want for nothing, her parents lavished her with attention and did their best to provide whatever she could want. They were thrilled when she showed promising magical skills at a very young age. Luna yearned for knowledge, and went to great lengths to quench her thirst for it. She would spy on her parents: she learned of the fantastic beasts and government conspiracies by listening in on her father's business calls with "The Quibbler" and became proficient in potions by watching her mother concoct beauty potions that sold quite well in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. One day while Sylvia was concocting a hair straightening charm when men in black robes entered her house. Luna, who had been hiding in her mother's broom closet, watched them and heard them telling her mother she had to leave her 'mudblood' husband for a pureblood suitor she had been betrothed to years earlier. When her mother refused, one of them shouted, 'Avada Kadavra' and her mother stopped breathing and before Luna could utter a word, the men in black dissapperated into thin air. Luna watched her mother die. Not wanting to call attention to his wife's sudden death and put his daughter in danger, Davis denied any knowledge of Death Eater involvement and blamed it on one of her spells going awry. The father and daughter moved back to England, into a small cottage in Ottery St. Catchpole, where the two of them kept to themselves, and became extremely close. Davis hoped to keep a low profile until Luna could attend Hogwarts, where he knew she would be safe.

Luna became somewhat of an outcast at school. The beliefs that her father and her had shared seemed strange to her fellow classmates, who had taken to calling her 'Loony' behind her back. Luna let people's comments roll right off her back, she had learned growing up how amuse herself, so that friends were more of a luxury than a necessity. She spent a lot of her time reading, and became somewhat of a people watcher. She seemed to know a lot about people, but people rarely took the time to learn about her. Her received very high marks in school and made her father very proud.

When the war came, Luna took to the side of Light, though she kept her reasons why to herself. She learned to defend herself in DADA lessons, and through Dumbledore's Army, and her stand against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named made her father very proud, until Ottery St. Catchpole was overtaken by The Dark Lord's forces and her father disappeared in the summer before her 6th year.

When the war ended, she had no where to go. She took up a position in her father's old newspaper (which had been floundering after his disappearance) as a copy editor and reporter. Though happy in her work, she feels there is something great in store for herself in the future, if someone would give her the chance.