Lucius Malfoy was one of the original Death Eaters, who came back to the fold when Voldemort rose to power for the second time. He is very much wizarding royalty, and has the money and connections to prove it; he has always been able to buy his way into power when he could not get it any other way. Once sent to Azkaban for participating in an attack in the Department of Mysteries, he was released due to his considerable influence. He participated in the War at Voldemort's side, and expected his son to follow him.

In the final battle he was captured with many of the remaining Death Eaters and has been sent to Azkaban for "permanent" residence. Lucius was born in 1954, making him 43 in 1997 when he was incarcerated in Azkaban. He has long, pale hair and patrician features, and is often seen with a cane bearing a silver serpent's head.

Lucius is the father of Draco Malfoy, who is currently disinherited from the family name and wealth for his actions during the final battle. Lucius' wife, Narcissa, died in the war, leaving him without an heir or the means to bear another. Given the Malfoy family legacy, he will certainly be on the prowl for a new wife when, as most in the wizarding world seem to expect will happen, he leaves Azkaban.

It is unlikely that he will be seen in Wiltshire, home province of Malfoy Manor, anytime soon. He will likely gather his followers - those who continue the belief in the purity of blood being the key factor on which family deserves to bear the name of wizard - away from England. But don't be surprised if sometime soon the "rumoured" sightings of Lucius Malfoy become more than just mere speculation and fancy.