The past year hasn't gone well for Hannah. Her father was killed in one of the attacks on the Ministry and her mother was rendered insane by the Crucio Curse during the same battle, leaving her to care for her little brother and sister. The children were sent to live with their mother's identical twin sister, Hortense.

Hannah continued at Hogwarts and was on the front line, with the rest of the older members of Dumbledore's Army, during the Battle of Hogsmeade. The things that happened during the long seige have given her recurring nightmares. When her night time screams caused her baby sister, Harmony, to avoid her during the day, she decided that it was best she continue with her plans before the attack and find another place to live. She would attend Oxford University's Medi-Witch program and, in order to help her aunt financially as well as pay for her own schooling, she got a position at the Ministry as an assistant on the Committee for Experimental Potions. Mainly, her job required her to transcribe the miniscule scribblings of Severus Snape and several other Potion Masters. Snape and the other Potion Masters weren't unkind, persay, but they didn't expect someone so young to have an intense interest in potions. It was against her Hufflepuff nature to complain for the job paid well, the hours were flexible, and would allow her to continue with school as planned. But the problem still remains of where to live.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to come across Hermione Granger when she attended orientation at Oxford. In all truth, it was good to see a friendly face.