Having already been through two natural births by the time June of 1962 rolled around, Elladora Black was quite used to the process. She'd hoped that the next one, despite all the pain she'd been through so far, would be just as smooth: It was quite the contrary. Bellatrix Black was a vicious girl with sadistic qualities from the moment she was conceived. Bellatrix caused her dear mother to be put to bed only three months into her pregnancy, she was the reason for violent bouts of morning sickness, and ended up the only Black to ever have to be born via Caesarian section.

As she grew up, things seemed to get better. Like every child, she'd be upset when she didn't get her way, but Bella was the cause of random fires in the many rooms of the Black Family manor. Little Bellatrix would often sit in her room, playing with the fine china dolls that Daddy would bring her nearly every day, but he had to: Bellatrix was quite fond of curses at that tender age, and used the accordingly on the unsuspecting dolls. She claimed later that they reminded her of Muggles with their blank faces and easily tainted features.

Accepted at Hogwarts in Slytherin House, Bellatrix found kindred souls in her classmates. But never the girls. No, they were often too prim for her, constantly discussing the latest cosmetic charm in Witch Weekly. She would often be found with several of the male Slytherins gathered around her as she plotted and schemed against the mudbloods of the school, a constant form of amusement that she regretted never carrying out.

As the news of a war started to form in the Daily Prophet, Bellatrix’ ears perked and she was immediately engrossed in whatever had to be said. She heard news of a Voldemort, and this new Dark Lord intrigued her, so she pursued him. During the hot summer nights after sixth year, Bellatrix would sneak out into the forest behind her parents’ mansion to be instructed into the perfect follower, the perfect weapon: relentless, severely apathetic, skilled, and powerful in all respects that the Dark Lord found important for his use.

All through her schooling at Hogwarts, a thin boy by the name of Rodolphus Lestrange would constantly catch her eye. She found him interesting; not terribly powerful or passionate about what she believed in, but she saw a certain something in him, and by the time she entered 7th year, she'd fallen for him completely, one of two spots in her heart that could be filled with what she considered to be "love", the other filled only by her Lord and Master. Bellatrix Black married Rodolphus Lestrange soon after they graduated from Hogwarts, both to become Death Eaters.

In the years following Hogwarts, Bellatrix Lestrange, after having ceremoniously received her Mark from Voldemort, murdered tens upon tens of what she thought were pathetic life forms: mainly faceless, nameless mudblood entities, solely used as threats to other, more powerful beings. Her specialty, however, was her Cruciatus Curse, and was considered the most powerful among all Death Eaters. It was this curse that she used to torture the Longbottoms into insanity, permanently incapacitating them because they would not give her information on the whereabouts of her fallen Master. This would be what sent her to Azkaban, as well as her extreme loyalty to Voldemort, claiming in front of the Wizengamot that He would come for her, that he would not leave her there to perish.

Almost twelve years later, Bellatrix finally did break out of Azkaban, and on a fated night in June of 1996, had the pleasure of taking the life of her dear cousin Sirius Black. She was the only of her peers to escape re-capture, and she fled the Department of Mysteries that night with naught but scarred pride at failing Him. She was punished, yes, but not so severely as one might think (suffering only broken bones that were quickly mended), as the Dark Lord favored her above all others. Bellatrix was instructed to remain with him in his hiding place after then, both of them lying low for an extremely short time to plot to release the other, captured Death Eaters from Azkaban Prison.

They succeeded in their mission less than a month later, and Bellatrix was sent back into the playing field, heading up several attacks on Muggle-borns before the battle in April of 1998, in which she soon after found that He had fallen. Bellatrix suffered a severe, hateful depression that resulted in two suicide attempts.

Two months later, she and Rodolphus were arrested at their home, but Bellatrix, despite the silent pleas of her husband, would still not renounce her ways, her beliefs so deeply embedded into her mind that there would have been no use turning back, anyhow. She was quite confident that she'd be released, the prison was not so strong as it used to be; and the Dementors… they only suck out the happy thoughts, none of which were left in her addled brain, she was nothing but obsessive at that point.